Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pink Saturday

Hello Pink Friends, I am so late this week in posting my pinks, but as some of you know I have been sick all week with a nasty cold. Feeling so much better now but not yet perfect. Here are a couple of pinks that I completed while I was sick. Perhaps they aren't perfect but I had to do something, difficult to sit doing nothing even though not feeling well. However, I did quite a bit of sleeping and had lots of chicken soup. Her face is hand embroidered.
This little guy sits in a demi cup.
Let me tell you, it's no fun being sick, especially taking care of my invalid husband. Thank God for my son who did so much for us. We are lucky he works from home and lives upstairs from us. Stay healthy everyone...


  1. Hi Lu, I am so sorry you have been sick. I know it is no fun and I would be the same way. I would have to be doing something. The week has been nerve racking for me with having to apply for medicaid. My job will be ending soon then who knows what I will be doing. I posted a picture of how much they had to build up hubby's shoe tonight. His birthday was today. I know it is not fun taking care of your hubby when you are sick. Thankful to have your son close by. Mine called tonight and he is going to Lake Charles, La. tomorrow to a job. Have a wonderful week and I do like your pinks. Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend.

  2. Those are so pretty.

    Please come and peek at my PINK.
    Your comment is always a joy to read.

  3. Hi Lu,
    I know what you mean
    about being sick. I have
    had the flu for the whole
    month of January.

    I love your little creations.
    They are so cute!

    Thanks for your kind words
    while stopping by my blog.


  4. Hi Lu. Very pretty creations there - cute in pink! So sorry you have been feeling poorly, and I pray that you will be feeling much better very soon. As you say, thank goodness that your son is so close at hand. What a blessing that must be to the both of you. Take care.

  5. Hope you are soon 100% .. Goodness wish I could create that well when I'm feeling good much less sick ... : )
    Happy Pink !

  6. LU, I love these creations! I hope you are feeling better and I hope your family is doing well. Take care and HPS to you! Glad I came over! Hugs Anne

  7. Hello Lu,

    Apologize for being late, just reached my pc after super duper busy weekend.
    beautiful pink stuffs. I am sorry for your cold, Wishing you feel better soon. What a blessing that your son take care of you both. so sweet of him.
    take a good care,
    best wishes for your health recovery.

  8. Oh Lu, do get well soon. I hate being sick. Sometimes I think we get sick so we are forced to slow down a bit or get some extra rest. Just try to be positive about'll be well and busy again soon.
    Love ya,


Thank you so much for stopping by. I read and love all the comments. Blessings to each and every one of you.
Hugs and smiles...Lu

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