Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pumpkins Everywhere

Hello to all,
Went to Trader Joe this week and had to take pictures of their beautiful orange pumpkins and flowers. It was such a delight to see the many pumpkins they had and everyone buying them, they just looked so festive.

Had to bring some flowers home, difficult to choose.

My favorite is pumpkin pie but pumpkin spread is right behind it and let's not forget pumpkin bread.

Aren't they just gorgeous?

This is a wonderful time for children with the many parties, the costumes and of course all the candy. Please have mom check all the candy before you start eating them, ok?

Monday, October 7, 2013

We Lived in a Haunted House

Happy Halloween to Everyone,
Just before Rick and I were married we bought our first home. Little did we know that it would be "haunted" yes "haunted"...
Our neighbor, whose name was Mrs. Dee, told me that people didn't last in the house because they heard strange noises. I really didn't pay too much attention to that, we were newly weds and getting our first home all put together, decorating and well you know how that is.

However, soon their after we heard the noises. It was a two story home and when we were down stairs we could hear foot steps upstairs. Rick worked nights and I was soooooo scared at night and did not sleep good at all. Rick and I talked about it and we decided to list the house for sale. Well a couple of years went by the house did not sell and we were expecting our first baby. After the baby came I just could not walk to the kitchen at night to get his bottle, it's as if my legs were made of noodles and could not walk.

Would you believe it took four years for it to sell and sold on the very last day of the last listing. Every night at 9:00 someone would come up the walk way and on to the front porch but never knocked. I had also talked about this with my parents. One night my dad said he would stand at the door and open it just when they came on to the porch, so he did. Like clock work at 9:00 the steps came up the walk way and on to the porch, he had his hand on the door knob and opened it immediately, well of course no one was there. Who was haunting our home? What had happened in this lovely home years ago? Many questions with no answers, what do you think?

Also just about every night I had horrible dreams. Someone was always trying to break into the house and our phone would not work, I would wake up even more scared than when I had gone to bed. What did this mean?
Thank God the house finally sold we bought the home where we still live and love our home, which is NOT "Haunted" Will try and post more often, just too busy...
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