Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Life and Love

With the recent release of that tape of the football player hitting his girlfriend on the elevador I decided to write the following:
Their are so many girls and women taking abuse from men. Also men taking abuse from women, did you know that? Well it’s true. Many men suffer daily and just keep it to themselves..why? Probably because they are embarrassed to bring it out into the open and are hoping the gals will change, but it’s very difficult without help. It is well known that many young teen girls are suffering abuse from teen guys. Why do they take it? If they abuse now they most likely always will unless they get help. If you are one of these girls, please discuss this with a parent and the boys parents and try to help him, he may not realize it but you are only trying to help him and his future. If you are married to a man who abuses you emotionally and physically, please get help. Especially if you have young children, they should not witness any of this. I had a very good friend that was abused from her husband and he always drank. When he was drunk is when things got worse, he would lock her out of the house with the children, call her horrible names and beat her. She would always go back to him, this is one thing I could never understand, but she would say, I love him and think he will change. That day never came. It was a sad life, that’s not living. They stayed together till his death. He died of a liver problem due to drinking. Please love one another.
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