Monday, April 30, 2012

Rosary and Angel Collection

Good Morning dear friends, This week Cottage Style is having another party, this time it's Cottage-What-Not Party, doesn't that sound like fun? To see what my other friends are showing just click on the Party Button on my side bar. I have decided to show my combined collection of rosaries and angels.

This is one of my very pretty rosaries.

A lovely gift from a friend in Ireland.

One of mom's rosaries. This Madonna lights up and looks so beautiful in the dark. I added a small button pic of my parents wedding.

She preferred to pray with this one at night because it glows in the dark.

My aunt Rita gave me this one, which of course I treasure.

Still have this one in the original box, a gift from my daughter Julie. It's stunning
and it's from Italy.She just returned from Italy and said she brought me a wooden Saint Anthony, can't wait to see it.

My husband's vintage rosary and prayer book. (He wanted me to include it)

My daughter Julie brought me this wooden rosary from Greece on one of her trips, she always brings me something from there, they go often.

This is one of my treasures. My grand daughter Kelly brought me Saint Anthony from Spain and her mother, my daughter Judy, made the rosary for me for my birthday. Garnet beads since garnet is the birth stone of January. Judy makes beautiful rosaries.

These little angels are vintage and belonged to my grand mother Rosenda.

I love angels and have many more angels not displayed today perhaps on another post. Don't you think this month of April just flew by? Much too fast for me, however, May is here and what a lovely month it is. We have Mother's Day and our wedding anniversary. One of my daughters sent me this pic of Faith from Source.

"May Love and Laughter linger long in Hearts Gathered Here"

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

From Husband's Wheel Chair

My husband is always looking for things he can photograph. As you know I have posted his City Clocks and Old Houses all taken from the car. While sitting here in his wheel chair in our office, he overlooks our patio, here he has his computer, his flat screen tv set and from the sliding glass door he sees the patio all day and he enjoys it, says it's almost like being outside....
He has been watching this baby rose, which is in a pot and decided to photograph it as it grew. So this is what he captured.
What a difference a day makes.
As it grew it became more and more a beautiful rose.
The color is magical, think it shined just for him.
I added this little planter to the metal door for him to also enjoy.
So here is part of the patio which he sees everyday. He thinks it's wonderful to have a touch of nature to see instead of just his computer monitor and the tv.
Will see what else he decides to photograph, stay tuned. He calls it views from his wheel chair. Have a great rest of this lovely week.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cottage Craft Room Party

Dear Friends, "Find what you love to do and you will never work another day in your life"...Come join us at our craft rooms and see what everyone is working on. It's so much fun to share with our friends our love of creating what we love to make. I have always enjoyed making and creating since a child and with mom and grandma Rosenda around all the time making things it came easy. So now here we are, this is the section of my studio where I do my sewing. Right now making sachet pillows with lavender inside, I make only inspirational sachets. As some of you know I take care of my hubby who had a stroke and so my time is very limited to sew and do more of what I enjoy but God strengthens us.
Love my two sewing machines. I always look forward to coming into my studio and I just loose track of time.
I mainly use my little pink iron since everything I usually make is small, so this is all I need. Folks always ask me if it's a real iron, I say, it sure is.
I keep many little things in these two drawers, they are handy and so close to my sewing machines.
Now why not swing on over to see what all my other friends are doing, just click on the Craft Room Party button on my sidebar.
They say happiness is homemade, I find this so true in every way. From creating and making items to baking, cooking from scratch, painting, and everything in between. We can only get better and better at what we do and who knows where it will take us someday with the help of our Lord. Have a great week.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Garden Party

Welcome friends to our Garden Party. Click on my side bar "Garden Party" to see others that are showing their gardens today. I wish I had more land to have a larger garden but living in the city doesn't give us that pleasure. However, we do our best with what we have. Enjoy this little visit, this isn't all of my garden just part of it.
A single little rose bud just beginning to wake up.
My husband likes this rose bush cause he sees it from our bedroom window.
One of our angels.
Our lion fountain.
This area is for shade plants.
Another cozy area.
Purple is so pretty, I like having purple around.
We must not forget Dick Clark who passed away at age 82. RIP
Don't forget to visit the others that are in our little garden party, get ready to see some very pretty gardens. Have a wonderful week and thank you so much for visiting me today, please visit again soon.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Peacock in Flight

Hello Dear Ones, Well I just received these magnificent pictures from my husband's cousin in Oregon so decided to post them instead of what I had ready. This is so rare to see a peacock fly. Doesn't it look like a phoenix in flight from a fairy tale? It's absolutely beautiful.
They have such amazing colors. Just enjoy the pictures.
Guess he got tired and is resting on a tree.
When I was a little girl mom was always embroidering anything she could get her hands on but her favorite thing to embroider was the peacock. I don't know what happened to all of those gorgeous linens but wish I had them now. I have many beautiful memories of my dear mother and it's always time to reminisce about these treasured family times with one's we dearly miss. Have a wonderful Spring week.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sunday

"He is Risen"
Virgin Mary by a bird cage that is in my kitchen window.
This cage was yellow when I bought it and neglected to take a picture of it be fore painting it. Made of wood.
Mary holds a rosary that belonged to my mother.
After a tiring but wonderful day, my husband and I enjoyed some hot chocolate in our patio, especially cause the weather was perfect with spring energy. Made for a memorable evening.
Bought this tea set at TJ Maxx last summer. I liked the size of the mugs for tea or hot chocolate also the colors were eye pleasing.
"Cherish yesterday, Dream tomorrow and Live today"
This cage is metal that I picked up for $2.00
Thank you for visiting me today, my love and prayers to all of you. I truly appreciate all of you and look forward to more beautiful blogging with all my dear friends. "Faith to light the darkened sky...Strength to carry on...Love to touch and heal the soul, Hope to grace the dawn"
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