Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Letspurr, My Website of Cat Lover Gifts

Hello Everyone, I have a website of Cat Lover Gifts and all the proceeds go to feed my homeless/feral cats. I have been feeding cats for about 10 years now and all felines that come to me I have spayed or neutered and of course they also get their shots. We bought several cages to carry them in and also a trap to catch them since some of them we could not touch much less hold. Here are just a few pictures of items that I carry on my website, some items are handmade:
Have pictures of some of my feral cats on the website. Several have been here for awhile and know me now since I feed them twice a day, I can even hold them now. Of course I have four of my own.... Also carry cat gift cards that come with a tag for gift giving. Hope you stop by sometime, hopefully you will find something you like. Letspurr.com
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