Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pink Saturday

Hello Dear Friends, I have been under the weather this week, therefore, have not posted. It's just a cold but it's a nuisance having it. My son made chicken soup for me today and washed many dishes and pot/pans, what a blessing. Thank you my dear Jerry. Here are a few pictures with pink since I am also joining Pink Saturday with Beverly. Link on side bar. Thank you Beverly.
A rose pillow which I bought in a cute little shop that still had handmade items. Sad to say it's gone now. I really like this pillow in pink.
This pretty mirror is in our bedroom and you can see my dress form in the distance.
You have probably seen these book boxes. I decorated this one in a Paris motif in pink and added gold highlights.
Don't you just love pink and black together? I certainly do, therefore, did this box in those colors. I sold two similar to this one at a boutique.
Ok, dear ones, guess that's it for today, hope I am feeling much better tomorrow. Take care everyone and don't get sick.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Hello and Welcome to my blog dear friends...Today we are sharing vintage or thrift store finds on our blogs for Etsy Cottage Style. So here we go. Bought this at one of my favorite thrift shops, of course it didn't look like this. I painted it pink, made of metal and it sits in our patio. Think I paid $1.00 for it.
This very pretty box also found at a different thrift shop and I gave it a little different look so it would fit here with my other things.
I love finding pretty plates, these I found quite some time ago but still love them. Recently found a couple of heart plates, which will share on another time.
Hope all of you are enjoying these first few days of our new year 2013 and looking forward to a beautiful year, I sure am.
Linking up with Beverly's Pink Saturday, link on side bar.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Birthday 1-13-13

Hello to all my dear friends here in blogland. Yes, my birthday is coming up and I am so excited because of the numbers. My lucky number has always been 13 and this year I get a double whammy. Ok, met my dear hubby Rick on the 13 and we took out our marriage license also on a 13 but not only that, both were on a Friday the 13th. Don't know if you saw Sheri's portrait on her blog Red Rose Alley (don't know how to make a link) well it's just so beautiful and so it reminded me that when Rick was in the service in Japan, of course he was my boyfriend then, I had send him a small photo of myself and he had it hand painted on silk. Yes saved it all these years and the colors have not changed, told Sheri that I would make a post with it, so here it is. First is the painting on silk then the photo of myself that they took it from. I was all of 16 years old. I think they did an amazing job, just a tad difference but all in all it's good. So since it's my birthday thought would share this with all of you. Thank you everyone for being such great friends to me, Kerri, Celestina, Sheri, Sandy, Dolores, Shirley, Marylou and so many others here in the states and all my friends in Greece, Italy, Brazil and more. Love all of you.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year My Friends, Well here we go again with another year, I pray it's a good year for all of us and that we are all blessed with good health. (This picture is from Pinterest)
"With all of you to share the years with me, my love could only grow"
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