Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hospital Bed

Hello everyone, I have been so busy with no time to post on my blog. First of all my husband, Rick, is not able to walk at all anymore, not one step. Doctor came to see him and ordered a hospital bed. You can imagine my work now taking care of him, but I do it with plenty of TLC. He had a stroke 14 years ago this month. He has been paralyzed on his left side since then, however, with a brace on his leg he was able to take some steps. Doctor said that his left knee finally gave out, no more muscle at all so he determined that he needed a hospital bed. Our bedroom now has this hospital bed in it and I had to get a twin bed for myself. You can imagine how busy I have been. Then my daughter, Judy's little dog had a bad fall and cracked her skull, she only weights about 4 or 5 lbs. very tiny, she was taken to emergency immediately and is picking up little by little but she has a very long road ahead, months and months. Not certain the extend of brain damage. Here are a couple of pictures of her, first one how she looked at the vet hospital and second picture taken before the accident. She is a little sweetie.
Wishing everyone a Very Happy Thanksgiving Day.
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