Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Color Aqua

As much as I really like the color aqua don't really have too much in this beautiful
color, but here are some of what I do have and enjoy seeing the color around.
This is my grand daughter Kelly's latest painting. It's on the inside of the door to my studio, so I get to see it all day and I love it. Thought the water was aqua and could use it in my post today.

Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep. I made this doll of ceramic back in the 80's when I used to work with ceramics so much, I liked aqua back then too. Always thought she was so cute and take good care of her. Usually made dolls, many dolls.

Love this pitcher with all the pretty roses resting on the aqua color. Couldn't resist buying it when I found it. My kitchen is mostly pink so it goes well here.

This pretty plate is vintage from Lifetime China Co. the pattern might be Gold Crown. Then I added the angel and fired it and made it even prettier.

Ok, that's about it. Looking forward to seeing more aqua in the posts that other ladies have done.
It's a bit chilly here tonight but the say much warmer tomorrow. However, this cool weather suits me just fine, have candles lit and my new robe on, by the way it's aqua.
Have a wonderful evening...

Friday, October 14, 2011

My Thrift Store Find

Hello friends, today was my lucky day at the thrift shop. As you know we never know what we will find, well today I found dolls, I love dolls, guess we all still have a little bit of little girl in us. Let me share with you my findings.
This was my favorite today, she is 18" long and wears a fabulous Victorian dress with a long train, lots of lace. Her hair is almost perfectly done in Gibson style and she is porcelain. Price $5.00

This is the cutest little fairy. Her wings were dirty and ripped so I took them off and she will soon have a new set of wings.

Mr. and Mrs. Bear were just married, a happy couple indeed. Hopefully I can clean up his pants if not will make him a new pair.

Sweet angel with porcelain head and hands. Perhaps a tree topped this Christmas.

Fell in love with this little cute bear, look how clean she is.

I was so happy with my findings today, it isn't everyday that we can find a group like this all in one store. When I got home my husband said, you must of found something really good because I see a big smile and he was right. So happy thrifting to all of you next time you are out hunting.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I Love Crowns and Tiaras

Greetings to all my blogging friends...
I decided to make a post about crowns, you see I love crowns and tiaras. Guess have since I was a little girl. So here are a few which I wanted to share with you today. This first one is my wedding crown, which I have shown before with wedding pictures, of course had to share again.

This little cutie I purchased at Christie Repasy Vintage Marketplace.

I was a princess at my high school prom and still have my tiara.

One of my daughters was Miss 17 and this was her tiara.

My dolly wears one of my hair combs, she looks so cute with it.

One of my pretty rings.

Oh how I love this bracelet.

Had fun altering this bottle.

Here is Queen Elizabeth in 1953 her Coronation Portrait London, England.(not subject to copyright)Doesn't she look beautiful wearing her crown?

Well hope you have enjoyed my crowns and tiaras. We can all dream that we are a princess or a queen at some point in our life. Do you feel like a queen sometimes?
We are having beautiful fall weather now leading up to the holidays, enjoy.
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