Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy New Year 2012 Clocks Ticking

Hello and Happy New Year to one and all of my good friends here on blog land. As some of you know I have an invalid husband, Rick, who suffered a stroke and is paralyzed on his left side from head to toe. He has a computer and a tv to keep him occupied. Rick has always enjoyed photography so now he likes me to take him out so he can photograph city clocks among other things and here are a few of his pictures which he takes from the car or if we are walking he takes them from his wheel chair. He only has use of his right hand so he has a small camera that he can hold with one hand. We hope you enjoy them as much as he enjoys taking them. All taken here in Southern California.
We went up to Solvang and this is their clock.

Montrose is not far from here and he was able to take this picture.

We went to Riverside and stayed at the Mission Inn, he took several shots of this clock but we decided on posting this one.

LaVerne is about an hour from our home, it was a nice drive he caught a picture of this handsome clock.

We used to live in So. Pasadena so of course he wanted this clock.

On a visit to our daughter Judy in Upland he took this picture.

We went for lunch in Monrovia, he spotted this clock. Always carries his camera.

Our other daughter Julie, took us up to Los Olivos, I know the clock seems a little far but we had so much to do there that this was the best picture.

This is Duarte, we were just out for a little outing that day.

San Gabriel is the next city from us, took him with me on errands that day.

This clock is in down town Riverside.

Well all the clocks are ticking and soon we will see a New Year. My wish for us and for all of you is for good health, peace and love in our hearts and of course strength for those of us that have extra work with our husbands, like Dolores and Shirley.
God Bless everyone.
I have joined the party over at Ivy and Elephants please visit them to see what all the other gals have been up to. Link is on my side bar.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Family Doggies

Hello everyone, well Christmas is over for another year but a wonderful Christmas it was for us with our family. Had to post these family dogs cause I think they are so cute. The larger one belongs to my Granddaughter Kelly and the smaller one belongs to my daughter Judy, they posed perfectly in front of the tree. Each one is about 5 years old and they get along famously.

Wishing everyone a lovely week as we await the new year 2012.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Merry Christmas from Los Angeles, CA

Hello and Merry Christmas to one and all. My daughter and I went to down town Los Angeles here in CA to Olvera St., she had to pick up a little crib for her baby Jesus. We did some shopping there and paid a visit to a most amazing church, more like a chapel, absolutely fabulous.
This is the life size nativity scene outside, we could not believe the beauty in all of this. Just click on each picture to see them larger.

This is the church, took these photos from across the street.

The picture does not do this amazing altar justice, it is breath taking.

Just look at this gorgeous angel, their were two of them.

One on each side of Mother Mary and so many flowers, could not believe all the flowers everywhere in there, almost like a florist.

This is a wall of crosses in one of the shops, sorry I posted it here, should of been the last one.

This is the room where the children, babies and adults are baptized. Their was so much more and have more pictures. Thought this was a perfect time to post all of this.
Wishing everyone a very Blessed Christmas and that 2012 brings us all good health.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Japanese Tea Set

Hello to everyone and welcome to my blog. I have something special to share with all of you, read on....

Another gift from my husband when he was in Japan. Now I do not really know if this is a tea set or used for something else, I will have to rely on my dear friend Orchid to enlighten me on it...but I just love this little set and always keep it in my china cabinet for safe keeping.

It has just been confirmed by Orchid that indeed this is a Japanese tea set. Thank you so much Orchid.
Continue to enjoy this beautiful season. Have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Angel Box

Hello Dear Friends,
During this hectic time of the year, I prefer to shop in the small shops instead of the large malls. Went to one of my favorite shops in Arcadia called Magnolia and ended up buying something for myself instead of the birthday gift I went in to buy...but could not resist this darling angel on top of this magnificent crown box. My husband and I decided it will stay out all year, not just during this holy season.

This is the open box, do not know yet what to keep in it but I'm sure I will think of something.

For now it graciously sits here adorning our bedroom.

Hope everyone has a beautiful week shopping, visiting, baking and more. This is one of the reasons I prefer smaller shops, they are faster and allows me time to come home and get my baking done...and doesn't the house smell delicious when we bake? So yummy.
Thank you so much for visiting, I am listening to Christmas music and actually feeling just a tad lonely and sad thinking of my parents. This was always such a special time for all of us to have mom and dad here, however we know they are in heaven and safe.
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