Saturday, July 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Beverly

Hello to my Pink Friends and a "Big Happy Birthday to our dear friend Beverly" I had trouble linking up since last night but happy to finally be here.
Ok, let's get the party going. We have two tables ready for the party, this first one is Pink, of course, the second one is Yellow further down since these are the favorite colors of our Birthday girl Beverly.
May this angel always be at your side.

Isn't this table pretty?

A pink rose for you today.

Here is our yellow table all ready for the party.

We are having delicious cupcakes.

Sweet yellow flowers from my garden.

Of course we will also have this delightful cake, hope we have enough for all of us.
Tea will be ready soon, so let's all gather around and sing to Beverly.

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Beverly, Happy Birthday to you" ... thank you for Pink Saturday. Enjoy your special day.
Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More Half Face Dolls

Hello Dear Friends, Hope all of you are enjoying a perfect summer.
On my last post I showed a half face doll, well some of you had never heard of them, so I decided to show you a few more. Actually they are lapel pins half dolls.
This first one I have had since the 50's and think it's my favorite. I still wear it sometimes and always get compliments. Love the little fox.

I purchased this beauty in a vintage shop. They had such pretty little faces.

I had a small piece of this leopard fabric, don't need much for them, so decided to decorate her in it. I am pleased with the results.

This is the one I showed in my last post. Here is a closer look at her. They are still made but they look nothing like these, the faces are smaller and not very pretty.

I will be joining Ivy and Elephants, What's it Wednesday, link on my side bar.
Well this gives you a little look at yesterdays half face dolls lapel pins. Have a wonderful rest of this beautiful week.
Something to think about: Today being the 25th, only 5 months left till Christmas.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Half Face Doll

Hi Pink Friends,
This week my pink post is even smaller than last week. I have been painting our bedroom all week, will probably finish it tomorrow Sunday, wow! what a job. I painted it about 5 years ago but let's face it I'm 5 years older now.

You probably have seen these little half face dolls, well cleaning I found a couple of them and decided to make this one up. I made her a pink velvet hat and matching scarf with rhinestones, had some pretty red hair so gave it to her. She matched this bathroom pretty good so she lives here now.

Another view.

I am a bit tired tonight, I cannot use a roller to paint, have tried but just cannot use it, therefore, the brush is all I use. Going up and down the ladder has been good exercise for me, so far my legs are not sore. Happy Pink Saturday to everyone and thank you to Beverly for allowing all of us to show our Pinks every week.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Lil' Pink for Today

Hi to all my pink friends,
A very small Pink Saturday post today because I have been so busy getting ready for a boutique tomorrow, it's Christmas in July. Finally all ready to go in the morning. However, did manage to get a little post.

I bought this box in a thrift shop for $2. and decorated it to save small treasures. Along with it have added my pink crochet thread and my pink scissors and tape measure, which you might of seen on another post and a wood spool of thread which I made into a cute little girl to hold ribbon.

Another view.

I hand painted this little poodle on a small pillow for my etsy shop.

Well that's it my friends, off I go to finish getting ready for the weekend, it's a two day show. Enjoy your week, stay happy and healthy.
Join me and other pretty pinks at Pink Saturday, link on side bar.

Friday, July 6, 2012

My New Swan

Hi to all My Pink Friends, Today I have to share my new swan. Think I am on a roll with GW, can you believe I bought this swan for $5.95? It wasn't priced so asked the gentleman that was arranging things if he could get it priced, he gladly went to the back and came with this price on the swan. I thanked him and this gorgeous swan came home with me and now sits on our bed.
But first I wanted to share with you a couple of bottles that I decorated with lace and some bling.

Isn't he beautiful? I need a name for him, any suggestions?

I placed him here next to my pink candelabra.

Thank you Beverly for again sponsoring this wonderful Pink Saturday that we all enjoy so much. I'll leave you with this verse.
"May love and laughter linger long in hearts gathered here"
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