Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Swans

Hello to all my blogging friends...I am sharing with you today some of my swans that I have collected. I just love swans they are so graceful and just seem to glide in the water. I have collected them for a while now and most of them have come from thrift shops, since I like the older ones. Our home is old and we still have one of the original bathrooms, have not remodeled it and probably never will, we like the old tile in pink and black so, therefore, it seemed like the perfect home for our swans. Have you ever seen Swan Lake? It was composed in Russia in 1875-76. It's the story of a Princess named Odette who was turned into a swan by a sorcerer. I wish I could see it sometime. This is my favorite swan, it is musical and came from GW.
Here is a cute one that I also like.
Theses two sweeties I bought in separate shops, the prices are amazing.
This one was only $2.00
The colors on this one are soft pink and soft gray, he just caught my eye at the Rose Bowl for only $5.00
This swan looks like it used to be a lamp, it has the openings for the cord, but I bought it at a thrift shop for $3.00
My son made this one, he used to own a ceramic business and they sold theses to florist and other businesses.
I've never seen a green swan have you? But it was a swan I just had to bring home. The other swan is porcelain.
The little swans are so sweet, can't pass them up when I find them.
Mama swan and her baby, from source.
Swans usually mate for life, just like crows, isn't that beautiful? The mama swan lays three to eight eggs at a time. "The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is to love and be loved in return"

Monday, March 26, 2012

Houses of a Bygone Era

These pictures were taken by my invalid husband. As you probably have seen before in another post, pictures of City Clocks, he likes me to drive him around so he can take pictures of things that are of interest to him. Here are a few pictures of frame homes, taken from the car, which also interest him. He wonders who lived there years ago and in his own words, I am ever on the search for homes from a bygone era. Here are a few examples that caught my eye.
"Home is where the heart can bloom"
These are small houses mail boxes which he admired so photographed them.
Once upon a long ago when homes were meant to be more than just houses,craftsmen created charming residences that reflected the era and personality of the owners
"Home is where your story begins"
In viewing yesterday's homes one can only wonder about the people who once inhabited these dwellings
Of course we had to end this with our own home, which is also old, build in 1930. We bought it from the original family that built it.
Hope you have enjoyed these old homes, as soon as the weather is better we will be off again taking pictures of what ever catches his eye. Since he is unable to walk our car is the next best thing. We do stop for lunch sometimes or I take a picnic lunch so it makes for a nice outing for both of us. Have a wonderful spring week. "In our home happiness, In our hearts love"

Sunday, March 18, 2012


All the birds are singing spring songs.
The birds are busy making their nest wherever they can.
My little spring arrangement, tulips are not real.
This sweet angel is in the entrance hall and wanted to be included.
Don't know the name of these flowers but have plenty of them and they are so pretty.
Hope you can see Mr. Bunny hiding in the flowers, he doesn't have to wait too much longer for spring.
We have been waiting and waiting for spring but now it's around the corner.
Our grandson, Andrew, sent us these pictures of his 3 dogs, just had to include them, they are so beautiful.
We had a little tea tonight, this cake is from Whole Foods and it's so yummy.
Wish my hubby could dance like this again but we cannot, but our dear Jesus still has us together and for that we are forever thankful. Where there is great love there are always miracles.
Enjoy Spring...and let's go into the garden together and we'll listen to the flowers sing.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Garden Breakfast

Hello dear ones, I have not had as much time to work in my garden as I would like to but here are a few pictures that I hope you enjoy. Thank you for coming in to my patio.
I have a few plants blooming but not as many as I would like.
This is a baby yellow rose, think it will do alright this summer.
It was so peaceful out this morning that I decided to enjoy breakfast al fresco. It was early and my invalid hubby was not up yet so I had breakfast alone, which I do sometimes. He is unable to come out easily it takes me awhile to be able to get him out usually on weekends.
One of my favorites are pansies but hope these silly worms don't eat them all up.
Love this color.
This little dandelion looked so lonely all by itself that I decided to take a picture of it, especially cause I like dandelions. They remind me of my childhood days when mom would take me and my cousins up to the hills to pick them. We would bring them home and place them in little glass bowls to decorate the kitchen, those were the days.
I couldn't find one of my cats outside but when I came in, well you can see for yourself just what she was up to. This is Jersey Girl and she is three years old, follows me everywhere and loves to type, glad she isn't here right now or I would not be able to be updating my blog.
Thank you dear friends for visiting me today, enjoy a beautiful and blessed week.
In the garden my soul is sunshine...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

New York + Vintage Marketplace

My grand daughter Kelly, went to New York and send me a couple of beautiful pictures of St. Patrick's Catheral.
My daughter Julie and I went to The Vintage Marketplace at the "Oaks" this Friday. It's our third time there and it seems to get better and better each time we go. Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy.
Just look at these beautiful faces.
Think my greatest treat was meeting Sandy Brown, cest Moi Sandy, my dear blogging friend. She was selling there that day, what a darling gal she is. This was her booth. We didn't know what each other looked like but I recognized the name on one of her labels. It was so funny when we said, are you Sandy? are you Lu? at the same time. We gave each other a big hug.
My daughter and I had a marvelous day, weather was perfect and best of all I got to meet my blogging friend Sandy. She is such a sweet girl and she brought her baby boy also her talented daughter, she does ceramics. If you live in CA do not miss going to this great marketplace sometime. I believe it is held once a month by Rita Reade and Christie Repasy. Located in Rainbow, CA.
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