Monday, June 24, 2013

Our Patio and Courtyard

Hi to all my friends, it's a cold morning here in So. CA today. Went to Trader Joe this morning and they had the air conditioner on, wow! was it ever cold in there. I even sneezed a few times.
Let's go out the door into our patio, I took these pictures the other day to show Rick since he can no longer go out there, which makes us both very sad. I miss sitting out there with him and enjoying our Sunday breakfast. however, we are still together having our breakfast inside in our entrance hall and that is what counts.
I saw somewhere that having a mirror in your garden is the reflection of your soul, so I immediately put a mirror in the garden.

I added purple to the patio this spring since I love the color so much.

This is the courtyard area, I enjoy my tea out here sometimes.

One entrance to patio.

I did the decal work on this tea set and fired them in my kiln, a very enjoyable hobby.

Here is Mr. Lion, that is what we call him.

This fern never stops growing.

My cat Jersey Girl, she follows me everywhere just like a dog. Loves being out here with me and she likes drinking from the hose.

Just a pretty yellow rose.

We are having the large fountain cleaned, therefore, no water right now. Many birds enjoy bathing here.

Hope you enjoyed this area of our home. Maybe someday we can share a cup of tea together here.
"To open our heart and mind to trust God's Word is to slam shut the doors of fear"
Have a great week everyone.
When Rick took the pics of the entrance hall.I told him not to show the floor cause I was working on it, now it's finished, so here it is.

Monday, June 17, 2013

More Wheel Chairs Views

Hello Dear Friends, I can't believe how fast this week went. In fact this entire month of June seems to have gone fast. Today I am listing more pictures of the entrance hall. A couple he forgot to take last week and a couple of new here we go. This first one is a better picture of the Virgin tapestry.

These doors lead to the dining room and kitchen.
Also a better look at the wine closet. Next to it is the guest closet so this one did not have a purpose that is why we decided to make a wine closet. We kept seeing them on home programs so decided to make one of our own.

We have breakfast on the weekends here in the entrance hall. He sits in his wheel chair that is why only one chair for me. I open both doors and it's like being outside, we can hear the birds singing and the water sounds from our fountains, so relaxing. I cannot take him outside anymore so this is the next best thing.

Then to the right of this table is the living room, which also has a nice view thru the sliding glass doors to the patio.
Well that's it for now. You know in all the years he has been taking pictures he never took any of the inside of our home, we do have a couple of outside pictures which I will show you on another time...
"The most important prayer in the world is just two words long. ~Thank you~" So true, thank you friends for being there.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Wheel Chair Views

Hello again everyone, hope this last week has been a good one for you. Well Rick has been taking a few pictures around the house since we haven't been going out, it's so difficult for me to take him anywhere and he feels better staying at home anyway. Today I am posting some photos of our entrance hall. Welcome to our home.
This is a little window door to see who is knocking. Next picture it's open.

We have a fairly new chandelier here, I really liked the colors and thought it was perfect. Last year we had the beams refinished.
Would you believe I purchased this beautiful wood cross at a thrift store? Could not resist it.
We made a wine closet here.
This is a large beam with hand painted small flowers. I had posted this tree before, hand painted by our granddaughter Kelly but not the beam. Also we have a large tapestry of the Virgin.
Well this is our little tour of the entrance hall, he forgot to take a picture of the french doors which open into the patio, next time. "I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory about to be revealed to us"

Saturday, June 1, 2013

I Am Back

A big hello to all my friends, I certainly have enjoyed the rest, the time together with Rick, the garden and so on. Although I sell in a shop and go there once a week, still have had plenty of time to do many things. Rick as you all know had a stroke 12 years ago and has to wear a brace on his left leg, well he developed a bad infection from the pressure of the brace and we are still nursing it, of course had to take him to the doctor and I apply the medication twice a day. He has been taking pictures in the house, which I will post later on but for now just wanted to show you a couple of the veggies we are growing in pots. They certainly are tasty. First one is banana peppers, then bell peppers, parsley, which I cut daily and strawberries. Let me tell you about the bitten strawberry, I was going to make Rick a smoothie but first wanted to take a pic of three of the strawberries, well I had just turned around for something and guess what, yes, you guessed it, he took a bite of one, said he couldn't resist, and that is why one is bitten, he is so silly. Happy to be back and will be posting probably only once a week to ease my work load a bit. God Bless each and every one of you, I have missed you. Thank you Red Rose Alley for thinking of me.
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