Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Granddaughter's Art

Since I had such a wonderful response from everyone on the cat that my granddaughter Kelly, painted on my chair, which is in my studio, that I thought perhaps all of you might enjoy seeing a little bit more of what she has painted for me....This is the door to enter our bedroom and she knows I love angels so she decided to paint one here. She was 16.

Then you step inside the room and the first thing you see is this gorgeous angel in flight behind our headboard. We named her Angel Marion after my husbands mother who passed away when he was a little boy of 5 years. She was 17 here.

Then I asked her to paint me a tree in the entrance hall, she responded "what no angel?" no angel this time I told her, just a little tree. So here is the tree she came up with, even has a couple of little birds and a nest. I just love her work. First thing she ever painted and surprised all of us was Strawberry Short Cake doll. We didn't know she could draw, she was about 4 years old.

Tree has little pink flowers, but did not show up in picture and blogger will not enlarge it for some reason.
Have a wonderful week my friends...

Friday, July 15, 2011

My Work Space Where Bloggers Create

I have joined up with Desert Cottage
for this bloggers party working spaces.

Hello and Welcome to my home...this is
the entrance to my work room, to the right
is my bathroom to the left is my sliding
door mirror closet. Ironing board as you
enter on the right is always open. Also
to the right is another large cabinet,
not visible, with my fabrics. My area
is not too big but it's cozy and I enjoy
being in here with everything I love
around me.

My granddaughter Kelly painted this chair
for me at age 16, she is now 30.

These cabinet drawers have ribbons, old linens,
and other supplies

Wall unit displaying items I have made and more.

I covered seat of chair to match the Laura Ashley curtains I made for this room.

My two sewing machines that I could not live without, have been sewing since I was 12.

Paints, other supplies and some things I've made.

Some of the blings I use on different items I make.
I have many other boxes full of bling.

Cabinets filled with lace, paper roses, jewelry, old linens, thread and so on.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I was a Winner, Hurray!

Feast your eyes on these beauties.
2 magnets, my beautiful initial and this
gorgeous ornament in pink. Love it all.

Inside this lovely box more pretties.
Fabulous pendant and earrings.

How about those roses.

Don't you just love this color?

I was so excited cause I was the winner at http://rosechicfriends.blogspot.com/
give-away. When I received word from Lorena that I was the winner, just could
not believe it and I cried, you see it's my first win here on the blogs.
Lorena does an exquisite job on her roses, if you haven't seen them just go
to her blog or etsy shop for a peek, they come in several colors.
Thank you again Lorena, you're a sweetie...
Lovingly Lu
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