Saturday, August 17, 2013

Beautiful Birds

Hi Everyone, what a lovely day it is today. It's warm but we have a very nice breeze which makes it a perfect day.
My granddaughter send me some bird pictures from Facebook and I just had to share a few.

This first one is adorable, the parents made a nest in this old shoe.

Birds eat and eat and eat.

I will tell you a little secret.

Feeding time, my they do look hungry.

We feed birds and cats. I feed 10 cats twice a day, breakfast and dinner. We have had all of them fixed and they have their shots and flea medications. It's a lot of work but I enjoy doing it and dear husband likes watching them from his window. We have had no kittens for three years now.
I send blessings to all of you.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Pink Scarf Project

Dear Friends,
Hope all of you are well...Do you know about the Pink Scarf Project? Link on my side bar. Vicki is doing a year long project of collecting Pink Scarfs for women suffering from Breast Cancer. What a wonderful project and I know all of the women that will receive a Pink Scarf will be just trilled that so many of us are thinking and praying for them.
Well I have an invalid husband, Rick, as most of you know and my time is so limited to do things, however, I did start making a scarf but as you can see by the pic below, didn't get too far. But I have a very dear friend, Sandy Brown of hello-c estmoi is an absolutely amazing seamstress, you must see what she makes on her blog and on etsy also. Well she also has a darling daughter, Cheyenne, hope I spelled her name correctly who knits ever so well. She made a scarf for one of my daughters and she was extremely pleased with it and receives many compliments when she wears it. Well since I did not have time to do my scarf, I asked her to make me one for this very special project...picture below. I am very happy with the scarf and know the recipient will be over joyed. It's so beautiful, thank you so much Cheyenne, I truly appreciate your beautiful work.
Well I did start it :(

Finished scarf she made, I think it's gorgeous.
I did not mention that this lovely girl is only 17 years old.

Another view of the scarf.

Let's keep all of the lovely ladies with breast cancer in our daily prayers and also that a cure is found.
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