Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Bridal Party

Welcome everyone to this year's Wedding Party sponsored by Angelic Accents. We will start off with the cake. This time I decided we would enjoy two cakes, one in white while the other in pink.

One can never have enough cake. Ok, cake will be served in just a few minutes, so gather round for you don't want to miss a slice of each cake. Don't they look delicious? Can't wait.

My bridal bouquet was all white roses, however, for this party I only had these.

This is my original crown and bride and groom cake toppers. How they survived all these years I'll never know.

Here is my dress from the original Modern Bride magazine. I remember that when I saw it in the magazine I told mom, this is the dress I want. Designed by Ina, lace by Mandelace. It was entirely of exquisitely French imported hand clipped Chantilly-type lace and pleated nylon tulle. The entire bodice, scoop neckline and sleeves were enhanced with sequins and tiny seed pearls. It was reminiscent of the most romantic era of the past.

And we lived happily ever after....


  1. Oh so very sweet. I really enjoyed this as my daughter is planning her wedding right now. Love the cake!

  2. Congrats on a wonderful post. enjoyed it very much.


  3. So beautiful dress! Amazing!

    Big Hugs

  4. Beautiful photo's! I have a beach wedding to attend this month! It's nice to see everyone's wedding ideas. Lovely ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  5. What an absolutely stunning gown you chose. Wow. Love your comments about how you crown and topper survived all the years. Reminds me of life . . . sometimes we just don't know how we do it, huh?

    Enjoyed my visit -hope you'll hop over to my Wedding Party Blog post and give me 'a hollar'. Thanks! Jenn

  6. Beautiful cakes and absolutely GORGEOUS dress..... I want to see a picture of you in that beautiful dress.
    Happy weekend!

  7. Lu, thank you so much for linking up with my Wedding Blog Party! I'm having such fun seeing what everyone shares. Love the pretty cakes you shared. I especially love that you pictured your tiara and topper so beautifully together! How awesome is it that we both have the magazine copy of our gown pics?!? Your gown is just breath-taking. I adore that style so much!

    Big TX Hugs,

  8. Nice to meet you. Stephanie throws the best wedding party blog. I too joined again this year.
    I loved your post and seeing your lovely dress. It reminds me of mine and can't believe I still have it after all these years but it is a trunk not on display like our host. lol
    Looking forward to being a new follower and friend

  9. Lovely fotos!Thanks for Sharing!

  10. We were at a wedding in the Uk last weekend, so this was an appropriate post. My computer is now working and I am happy to be back here!

  11. Wow, what a beautiful dress! The cakes were delicious! Thank you!

  12. Those cakes are gorgeous and that wedding dress...swoooooon!!! Spectacular!

  13. Wonderful bridal post Lu, love the dress you chose and so happy are here and able to share. I think of you often even though I don't get by enough. Hugs and love Marilou


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