Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Family Doggies

Hello everyone, well Christmas is over for another year but a wonderful Christmas it was for us with our family. Had to post these family dogs cause I think they are so cute. The larger one belongs to my Granddaughter Kelly and the smaller one belongs to my daughter Judy, they posed perfectly in front of the tree. Each one is about 5 years old and they get along famously.

Wishing everyone a lovely week as we await the new year 2012.


  1. Lovely dogs, I am an animal lover and enjoyed your pics very much.


  2. Your dogs look full of personality like my older daughter's two dogs! I like your countdown to next Christmas. My neighbor just told me she didn't have time to get her grandchildren presents....and I'm had 365 days to prepare! love,andrea

  3. These dogs are so sweet. My son has been wanting me to get a dog. I hope the New Year brings you much joy Lu.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  4. Hahahaa!! They're Precious Lu!
    Have a great day!

  5. Hi Lu. Aaaw, those little dogs are just so cute!! How sweet of them to just pose for you like that. Hope you had a lovely Christmas. Blessings.

  6. Oh how cute!!!!!! Animals are such a blessing...

    Big hugs from Texas,

  7. My Dear Lu,
    So sorry for my belated post.
    Oh, how lovely they are♡♡♡
    And I love the effect you put on this picture!!!
    Have a wonderful year end and new year, Orchid*


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Hugs and smiles...Lu

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