Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cottage Style Color Purple

I am joining up with etsy Cottage Style with the color purple this month.
These are some of my purple items, I have done the decal work and fired them in my kiln. Hope to do more this summer since I enjoy it so much. The purple card in frame was given to mom from dad when they were courting in 1930.
Blessings, Lu


  1. WOW, what beautiful china~and you designed it? What wonderful treasures!

  2. Your purple things are so pretty. I hope you are doing o.k. I have got to get back involved with the things that I like. Maybe I can since my hubby is home for the time being. We just take it one day at a time. Take care my friend. Your Missouri Friend.

  3. Oh Lu,
    How beautiful!!! And it's so nice to meet you! Wishing you a beautiful Sunday!

  4. p.s. I am your newest follower!!!

  5. Hi Lu, What a pretty Tea Set! I love pansies!
    How nice to have the card from your parents!
    I'm a new follower here.

  6. what a lovely teaset!! and i love the vintage photo of your mom and dad and the frame is perfect for it too! Blessings, Susan

  7. Hi Lu, which have purple precious treasures are beautiful!, I have a few little things purple and I love them! they look so delicate, a hug, Rose Marie

  8. Even though I love the color purple... I have never decorated with it. Your pieces are beautiful! They make such a striking vignette. Thanks for sharing them. Thank you for following my blog and your kind comments! I am now following you as well! :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Hi Lu,
    What a lovely blog you have and what a sweet tea set! I used to do ceramics too and I miss it. Your pansies are so pretty! I am your newest follower. Have a beautiful day.


  10. Good morning Lu,
    Your blog is so beautiful and the tea set is're very talented.

    Your blessed to have the card from so long ago...

    I see you love cats.... me too!

  11. Hi Lu! I Love your purple pretties! I just started creating a purple French garden mini book.

  12. Bonjour et merci! Thank you for visiting my blog:) Luv that frame you put your art deco purple monotone card in -- what a sweet treasure to have from your parents. You have a beautiful blog! I enjoyed the story of your courtship:)


Thank you so much for stopping by. I read and love all the comments. Blessings to each and every one of you.
Hugs and smiles...Lu

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