Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cottage Style Color is Green

Bought the green bunnies at TJMaxx, this is my kitchen window.
My vintage cockatiels, a different green but still green.
Part of our china that my sweet husband brought back from Japan years ago. Have service for 12...a huge set.


  1. Being a lover of all birds, your vintage cockatiels are wonderful!

  2. I love the color green! I really like your vintage cockatiels, they remind me of my childhood.

    I've been reading your kitty site. You're an angel for feeding and caring for God's creatures.

  3. Love all the photos....bunnies and birdies are may weeknesses♥

  4. I am very late visiting all the green party goers! Those birds! WOW! I have some white birds that were my grandmothers that are very similar to yours. the china is gorgeous too:)

  5. Hi Lu, I love those birds of yours! I have a cockatiel and a couple of parrots (real ones).


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