Friday, January 21, 2011

Since I love pink so much I like to collect pink plates with roses among other things, of course. Antique shops have a good supply of them. I use them for different things, to put jewelry or keys on them, some are for eating, for pretty soaps in the bathrooms and so on. It's so much fun to spend the day in antique shops or thrift shops too just looking around looking for that special item to take home. It's so exciting when you spot something you like, if it's at a distance it seems like forever that you don't get to it, whew! I made it, what a relief, right? It's happened to me more than once. If you are planning on a day out there, don't forget to take a snack cause you will get hungry and thirsty too. I eat as I go, can't stop have to get to the next store and the next. Enjoy the day, Lu

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