Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day to my dear Daddy, he is no
longer with me but I was the luckiest girl in
the world to have had him as my dad.
I learned so much from him, he was kind and
never would hurt anyone. As a young boy he
raised beautiful pigeons and he always had a
love for cats, guess that's why I love cats too.
Love you Daddy.


  1. What a wonderful tribute to your father. When you said he raised pigeons I had to chuckle a bit. My father raised pigeons too and one of my favorite stories of him was when he was a little boy all of 9 and he raised his first flock of what he claimed were hand trained homing pigeons but in reality were just hand caught ordinary ones.

    One day gathered the entire family of mom, dad, and 11 siblings to see the big showcase of his talent and training. He approached the cage with pride and a display of authority and showmanship he released the latch. The pigeons raced out of the cage and the entire flock flew together towards the sky when my father uttered his most memorable words.

    This 9 year old boy shouted with enthusiasm: "Be sure to keep watching and don't take your eyes off cause they are going to be turning any minute now"! The entire family roared with laughter as the pigeons became nothing but a solitary dot in the sky never to be seen again!

    My father is close to 60 now and whenever we all get together my uncles and aunts still give him a good natured ribbing over that one and even he laughs uncontrollably. :)

  2. Aaaaaah, that was a beautiful story. My dad loved his homing pigeons so much that when they were married he took his favorites with him, he could not take his large cages so he had them living in the house with them. Mom had to go around cleaning after them. Thank you Cindy for sharing.


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