Sunday, August 2, 2015

Granddaughter Kelly Gets Married

It was an amazing weekend, my granddaughter Kelly was married in a lovely beach front wedding in La Jolla, which is just north of San Diego, are a few pictures of this wonderful event. Here she is with her hubby Brian, my daughter Judy and her hubby Dann.
Her little dog was also in the wedding, she carried the rings.
Lovely music was provided by this group of handsome men.
It was a beach front wedding, weather was perfect and it was just so lovely.
We wish the bride and groom a beautiful life together. Love you both.

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  1. A beach wedding. How wonderful. Wow my oldest Granddaughter has been brought up in Wasaga beach in summer holidays. Wow if she ever got married. I hope it would be a choice of hers and the guy she would meet if wedding bells were in the number. Thanks for sharing all the wedding and all this Monday morning.


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