Saturday, August 30, 2014

Life and Love As I was sitting in my patio the other day listening to the birds singing and the sound of water in our fountain, I began thinking back to when I was young and life was so much easier in many ways. We were not as advanced as we are today but the important thing is that we truly enjoyed life in a simpler way than today. A date could be simply a ride to the local ice cream parlor for an ice cream cone or a malt. Let me tell you a little funny story, when my husband, Rick and I were dating we went for that special ice cream cone one day . He went in alone to get the cones, I waited in the car. He must of had in mind what he was going to do that's why he told me to wait in the car, well when he came out, guess what? My cone had approximately fifteen or more scoops of ice cream. I could not believe what I was seeing, I had never seen that many scoops before on one cone but of course loved it and thought, what a sweet thing he had done, he just wanted to make me happy. It was one of the best outings we ever had. After that I always went in with him, didn't want a repeat performance. As a child dad always made mom and I happy, he was funny, danced around the house and always telling jokes to make us laugh. I believe we grew up being very close to our parents and family. We had family get togethers almost every weekend and we enjoyed aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters and of course grandparents. That was the thing to do, family get togethers, either at one of the homes, or at the beach or even a park. We must not forget all the good food, mom and my aunts and grandma were all excellent cooks and the food was always so yummy and smelled delicious. Mom never worked, therefore, I grew up very close to her, we were like best friends, despite the difference in our ages. She was 30 when she gave birth to me and lived till the age of 95. Isn't that wonderful? However, I still miss her so very much. Sometimes wish I could talk to her, confide in her like I always did and she would give me excellent advice, so I just talk to her picture and it helps me cope with whatever my situation is. I was so fortunate to learn so much from my mother, Emily was her name and also from my Godmother, Rita. Mom was a very petite lady measuring only 4ft. 11in. She was very intelligent inspite of having gone to school only to the second grade. She was self taught. Mom had a special style for dressing, I remember her always receiving compliments on her clothes. She loved faux furs, always wore hats and gloves and looked great in her suits. Life doesn't have to be how much money we make or what brand of clothes we wear, or the fancy car we drive. Life is about love for one another, life is about helping other folks that have less than we have. Life is about loving Jesus, children and all animals for without love we have nothing and that would be a very sad world. There are folks in the vast universe of ours that have no one, what they would give for a kind smile, a cup of water when thirsty or a place to rest when tired, so lend a helping hand when ever possible. Life is a blessing and if we are so blessed, why not send blessings on to others.


  1. Beautifully written. I miss my Mom too, so much. She lived to be 91. My parents were married for almost 65 years, and today that is a rare blessing.


  2. Beautiful thoughts today. I hope you have a gorgeous day.


  3. Very beautiful post! I hope you have been well my sweet friend. I have been on a blog break but I'm back getting my shop stocked for holiday sales.
    Have a blessed week!


  4. Oh Lu, this is such a beautiful story, and I enjoyed reading it very much. I have been thinking about the same things lately, especially how life was so much simpler when we were kids. I have missed your sweet posts, and it was such a treat seeing your comment. Your mom sounds like a wonderful lady who you were very close to, and it sounds like she dressed well too! We used to have family get togethers, and I really miss them. We still get together with all my kids, but I miss all the nieces, nephews, cousins.

    That was a funny story about Rick and the icecream cone. I can just see your face when he came out with it. Oh Lu, you are a kindred spirit to me, and I totally relate to everything you said here today. Have a peaceful Sunday.


  5. Hi Lou, lovely story that you've shared today. Summarize it in precious details such as values, moral, Christian, love and many other emotions based attitudes that made many lifestyles respetoy based on love, together with the consideration and other values. Today the world is in a dangerous spiral and extremely disappointing. Thanks for sharing! Greetings and health for your husband and for you! Rose M


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Hugs and smiles...Lu

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