Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Happy Valentine"s Day

Hello to all of my blogger friends... Rick and I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Valentine's Day. Hope all of you celebrate with a romantic dinner. I am planning a romantic brunch for us and can't wait to set it all up. Here is a picture of a small portion of some of my hearts, guess you all know that I collect hearts. Our daughter Judy took this picture of us on our 25th wedding anniversary. Please focus on the pink heart hanging in the center, that was send to me by a very dear friend I have in Grease, she makes beautiful things, we just met here on the blogs. Her name is Marie-Anne and this is her blog http://latelierdemarieanne.blogspot.com/ I complimented her hearts and she immediately told me she would make me a heart. It has two sides as you can see in the pictures below.
Thank you again Marie-Anne, I just can't thank you enough. I get so many compliments on my heart....I am still having problems with my blog, my side bar is at the bottom.
I wish everyone peace and love.


  1. Hello, I wish you a special day, both the pass in total peace and logs of your continued love! Precious details S.V. and your photo! Hugs, Rose M

  2. What a beautiful collection of hearts you have there Lu. Lovely to see you
    Here today. I just love romance! I hope you and your hubby have a lovely Valentine's Day.

  3. Lu,
    Your heart collection is lovely. You know, Jess has that same velvet heart with wings, and she has a picture of it on her post today. The heart your friend made for you is so pretty.

    Happy Valentine's Day. Me and husband are just going to an Italian restaurant for dinner. I hope your day with Rick is filled with so much happiness and love.


  4. Hi Lu, how is your hubby doing? Your post is just so pretty. I love to look at all your hearts. I thin my hubby and I are going to go to a movie tomorrow. We haven't done that in a long time. Happy Valentines!

  5. Hi Lu, Love the gorgeous pic of you and Rick for your 25th. Such a beautiful couple you are. Lovely heart from your friend and so pretty among your collection.
    Wishing you a special Valentine's Day and great weekend.

  6. Hi Lu, I hope you had a sweet Valentine's Day with your darling hubby! Nice photo of you both. I love the hearts :) I hope your weekend is blessed.


  7. Miles felicitaciones .Muy bueno fin de semana.besitos.

  8. Vengo desearte un feliz carnaval mi amiga.Muchas alegrias.besitos.

  9. My dear Lu,
    I am so sorry I had not seen this post earlier!!! (it is over a month ago!!!!)
    Thank you, so much indeed, for placing my heart among your collection and your lovely phot, and including it in this special Valentine post, as well as giving the link to my blog!!!
    I am very glad that you liked my little gift!
    Many hugs from Greece!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hugs and smiles...Lu

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