Sunday, November 10, 2013

Random Pictures

Something is wrong with my blog and all my side bar is at the bottom. Has anyone had this problem and what can be done???

Hello to all my dear blogging friends,
Hope all of you have been enjoying life and the season, plus we are all looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Here are a few pictures, some things I have made, well I will explain each one.

This first one is a an old doll head I had and didn't know what to do with her. I went looking in a thrift store for something to put her in and found these two little angels, with mirror and an opening for a votive, thought it was the perfect place for her and this is the end result. I am happy with it.

Here is my collection of dress forms, some I have dressed others just embellished them.
Different view of my dress forms.
My friend Lexa, she sells at Rainbow, CA, gave me this doll head and I sat her in this shoe. To me it's like she is driving it, so left her in it. Placed a large crown on her and embellished.
Next is another old doll head that I had and she fit perfectly on top of this little teapot. An old ring is her crown, then embellished her.
Some tell us that we must earn spiritual blessings, but Jesus says, "Just ask."


  1. Dear Lu, your creations are always lovely!! I like the doll in the shoe, very much! And of the dress forms, I prefer the pink one !! No wonder you picked the pink flamingos in your daughter's garden to show us...they are so cute!

  2. Hello Lu,
    I love your collection today. You know what? I have that same crown with the diamonds, and I love it. Your teapot is sweet, and look at all those dress forms!

    I hope you are enjoying the Autumn days. I have already started to decorate a little for Christmas, as it is my favorite holiday of all.

    Have a very nice week, Lu.


  3. Hi Lu, I think your little ladies are just the cutest!
    The old lady in the shoe, and I'm a little teapot!
    (Sorry, I name everything!) I think they're great.
    Sweet collection of dress forms, too!

  4. Hola que tal,
    todo muy hermoso guapa.besitos.

  5. Hi Lu ~ First, thank you for coming by to visit and leaving such a nice comment ~
    I love what you have with your little doll heads/forms . Each has it's own personality...I think my fav is the first one! Just so sweet with the angels and mirror!
    You are so talented!
    ♥ Jil

  6. Love this type of art. The vintage doll heads use such fun!

  7. I like how you used your doll heads

    No I am not having trouble with my blog today knock on wood
    Sometimes blogger gives us a fit though

  8. Hi Lu,

    I have noticed that when my blog seems to be acting up, that I should just leave it alone for a day or so... and all will suddenly go back to normal state.
    Once I start to change things trying to correct it, that is when it really goes wrong.

    Hah! Yes, when you have met Lexa you just want to be her friend... I always look forward to buying my tops from her. She always has the best collection for matching with my skirts.

    And if I could pink I would pick the doll with the old ring on her head. I just love how you gave pretty things a new home and meaning.

    Hope to see you soon! (And I am really looking forward to it)


  9. cestMoi Sandy

    to me
    Hi sweet Lu,

    I am so much going to miss you when we are in Texas.
    I actually miss you already.

    I will have to get my act together and read the blogs of my friends more... because that is then the one thing that will still give me the feeling that you are still there within reach right there for me to follow along and help against the big feeling of missing you!

    God sure Blessed me with putting some truly awesome and sweet people in my life!

    Like you!


  10. Hi Lu, So lovely to visit you today. I was at another blog and saw you there so I just had to come over. Love this post and your collections are lovely. Everyway you have created with the doll heads are darling and true treasures.
    Love the section of your daughters flamingo garden.
    I have been back to blogging. Just missed everyone and still trying to catch up with all.

    So hope you and yours are well and enjoying the season.
    Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie


Thank you so much for stopping by. I read and love all the comments. Blessings to each and every one of you.
Hugs and smiles...Lu

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