Sunday, September 22, 2013

Rainbow Buys + Random Pictures

Hello everyone,
Well here we are the first day of Fall. The weather here has changed, we have cooler mornings and nights, some sunshine during the day.
I decided to share with you a couple of pictures of what my daughter, Julie and I bought at Rainbow then some other random shots that I hope you enjoy.
This is her guest bedroom and she bought everything you see here.

Still her guest bedroom and she bought everything again except the dresser, of course. Trying to get things ready since she is having guest coming in a couple of weeks.

I bought this gorgeous half apron from a lady named Lori. She was so sweet, just look at all the work she put into this.

Of course these are all vintage doilies. It looks so pretty hanging in my pink kitchen.

One of my granddaughters visited us from New York. She has long gorgeous hair but this day had it up cause it was a warm day. Taken in my patio.

Driving down the street saw this trash can that these folks put out on the sidewalk for everyone to enjoy the sunflower that grew in it.

I took these from my car, could not resist. Notice the traffic jam, I saw others also taking a picture.

Have a wonderful week and enjoy this amazing season of Fall with all it's stunning hues of orange, browns and greens.


  1. Ciao che bello il grembiule pieno di centrini!Tua nipote รจ una bella ragazza!Originalissima la foto del girasole!Baci,Rosetta

  2. Hi Lu. Lovely to see you here today. What a lovely selection of photos for us today. Your granddaughter looks very elegant and, gosh, I love your patio!! The sunflower was a sweet idea, and I expect it makes people smile as they walk past! I love all the things that your daughter bought for the guest bedroom. Her guests are going to feel very welcome when they stay. Delightful. I do hope that you are keeping well and that hubby is doing okay at the moment.

  3. Hello, dear Lu! I wish you a very happy autumn!
    Julie's guest bedroom looks lovely!!! A your granddaughter is gorgeous!!

  4. Lu,
    I think the 'random' pictures are the best pictures of all. Sometimes I will do a post called 'Just Because' and it is just pictures that I took here and there that caught my eye or made me smile. Your Granddaughter is so lovely. The trash can picture is funny, and I can see why people in their cars were slowing down to see it. I love that doilie with the pink roses. It reminds me of one that my Grandmother made. I would love to see your pink kitchen someday, Lu.

    Have a great Autumn week.


  5. Your grand-daughter is beautiful! I love the rose painting. Thanks for sharing the pictures so I can see the latest happenings in your part of the world :)



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Hugs and smiles...Lu

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