Saturday, June 1, 2013

I Am Back

A big hello to all my friends, I certainly have enjoyed the rest, the time together with Rick, the garden and so on. Although I sell in a shop and go there once a week, still have had plenty of time to do many things. Rick as you all know had a stroke 12 years ago and has to wear a brace on his left leg, well he developed a bad infection from the pressure of the brace and we are still nursing it, of course had to take him to the doctor and I apply the medication twice a day. He has been taking pictures in the house, which I will post later on but for now just wanted to show you a couple of the veggies we are growing in pots. They certainly are tasty. First one is banana peppers, then bell peppers, parsley, which I cut daily and strawberries. Let me tell you about the bitten strawberry, I was going to make Rick a smoothie but first wanted to take a pic of three of the strawberries, well I had just turned around for something and guess what, yes, you guessed it, he took a bite of one, said he couldn't resist, and that is why one is bitten, he is so silly. Happy to be back and will be posting probably only once a week to ease my work load a bit. God Bless each and every one of you, I have missed you. Thank you Red Rose Alley for thinking of me.


  1. Well I have so missed you too, it is so quiet in Blogland! Glad all is well and you feel more rested, love your garden, what a great idea to have your veggies in pots, I think I will try that as they really grow fast, peppers too.
    I finally finished my Pink Scarf project and that is about all I have accomplished.
    Hugs and love Marilou

  2. Hallo there Lou! How lovely to see you back again, and I'm glad you enjoyed the break. It's June now! Can you believe where the year is going to again! I must say your plants look so healthy, and I did smile at Rick having a bite of that strawberry! Not that I blame him of course. Sending blessings your way, and welcome back!

  3. Hi, Sometimes so many things happen to us! but the important thing is that you can with everything, even if you can 'blogger' so often. Me so with the fibro ... i disappear me according to my crisis, but I always try to beat I hope your husband continues to improve with the help of our Lord, Greetings, Rose Marie

  4. Oh Lu, you're back! That is so funny that Rick took a bite right when you were going to take your special picture of the strawberries. Your vegetables look very nice. I'm glad that you got some much needed rest. I think it is necessary, then we can come back all refreshed and ready to go. I look forward to seeimg more of your house pictures.

    So glad you're back, Lu. I missed you.


  5. Oh Lu, so glad you are back. Thanks for stopping by to let me know. I missed you! I love banana peppers, I think I'm gonna have to look into growing some too :)

    Oh and yes, a new litter of Shih Tzu puppies (2 boys and a girl) they look darling so far.



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Hugs and smiles...Lu

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