Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Love One Another

Hello Friends, Here we are in the middle of the week and here in CA we are expecting rain and more rain or so they said, time will tell. I received some forwards from a friend in Oregon and had to share this one photo with all of you. I just thought this was so adorable, an expression of love. It tells us to love one another and not to forget our troops and the folks back east that have had so many problems and some are still without power.
"Love is like an eternal flame, once it is lit, it will continue to burn for all time"


  1. Hello dear Lu,
    What an adorable photo you have posted!
    I hope you had a good Thanksgiving with your family. I haven't dropped by your blog for some time as I was very busy preparing things for various charity bazaars. I posted my parcels today and will now start with my hand-made Christmas gifts for the family and friends.

  2. Hello Lu,
    That just put a smole on my face...LOL.
    Is that not the cutest? Are you getting your Christmas done yet Dear? I have not even began at my house. I was ashed to put my Xmas village in our towns Museum/ train station. That has taken me almost a wwwk to do.Finshed up today...YEAAAAA.
    Merry HOHO,
    Marie Antionette

  3. Hello, Lu
    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope to make a few pink scarves over the next year for the 'Pink Scarf Project'.
    Oh, and I am hopefully going to be having a giveaway in celebration for reaching 200 followers on my blog! Yay!
    hugs from Teresa in Central CA
    Yes! The rain was nice here today too!

  4. Oh, what a lovely image!
    Thank you for sharing.

    I like you Christmas countdown, too, although it's a little alarming how close it is!

  5. A lovely thought dear Lu. Yes Christmas is all too soon upon us and everyone is busy,busy. Big Hugs xx

  6. What a sweet post, Lu. Even the animals know the power of kindness. Thanks for reminding us of that especially at this time of year.

  7. Hi Lu, love the quote and the darling pic. Makes you wonder, what they are thinking looking at each other. Perhaps there own language in communication.
    Hope your rain subside,s but you get just enough to nurish the ground and foliage.
    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment.
    Hope you enjoy a wonderful day. Are you decorating for Christmas yet? I am glad to be finished so I can relax a bit in between the crazy days. LOL

    Blessings my dear friend.
    Celestina Marie XO

  8. This photo is delightful . . . I must say that what brought me to your site was your profile photo of the cat in the hat. That is adorable. I have been looking over some of your posts and feel a connection . . . so I decided to follow. I would be over the moon if you would decide to follow me back. I am a retired gal, who is just enjoying each and every day the good Lord sends by way.
    Your newest blogging sister, Connie :)

  9. Hello Lu,
    This is the cutest picture. and I like the quote. Yes, love is one of the greatest gifts. Are you getting into the Christmas spirit now that it is upon us? It is raining here in northern California too. Lots of rain. Have a happy Friday.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  10. So cute...I just love it. Tons of rain here in OR. The wind was terrible for 3 days. I guess it's almost winter.

  11. Oh what joy to see that you had visited my blog and left a comment, dear Lu!!! Thank you for thinking of me!!!! I am getting caught up on visiting my favorite blogs again, and, of course it would not be complete without visiting you! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgving, rich in smiles and joy.....


  12. Beautiful words to remember. Thank you for sharing and enjoy your weekend.

  13. Hi Lu! Oh, what a precious little picture and you're so right! Thank you so much for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  14. What a cute picture! I heard you folks were going to get some major rain...Good time to snuggle in and do some decorating or Christmas cards....Maybe eat bon bons and watch old movies


  15. Thank you Lu,I'm guessing that's a real photo.Isn't that amazing.Love it!

  16. Hi Lulu, I am slow, but I love your post.
    They are so adorable. Hopefully everything is going as well as can with you. Hubby is making very slow process. Still can't put weight on his hip and foot. We just keep praying and take every day that we get. I go see him everyday almost except for the evening I went to a Taste of Home cooking School with my daughter and daughter-in-law. Have a great week. Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend.

  17. That's an adorable picture!!
    So sorry about all the rain and bad weather you're getting. ....and here we are in the midst of a horrible drought. Too bad we cant trade some weather.
    Hugs to you my friend,

  18. That photo is sooo adorable! I think squirrels are so cute. We have alot near our home and I love to watch them climb and jump. My dad has some that come up to his door and take peanuts from him!!

    I hope you have a sweet day :)



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Hugs and smiles...Lu

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