Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Great grandmother Victoria

Hello to all my dear blogging friends,
Since the birthday of my great grandmother is approaching I decided to honor her today and also one of her daughters. You see both of them were seamstresses, they made all of their own clothes and the rest of the family also. Back in those days I guess everyone knew how to sew. They even made clothes to order. My grandmother also did some sewing and the last picture is her sewing machine, which I still have. I remember she was always sewing, mom told me she made all of my baby clothes on this sewing machine.

This is my great aunt Anastasia, she probably made the dress she is wearing. I think she was very pretty. The lace book was given to me by my daughter Julie a few years ago, love this book.

Closeup pic of her. So sad that years ago folks didn't live as long as we do now, she died so young in her 30's.

This is my great grandmother Victoria, she went blind in her later years. She was a lovely lady, friendly and kind to everyone she met.

Here is the sewing machine, it still works but I never use it. It has the wheel on the right side which you have to turn to sew, leaving you only with your left hand to maneuver the fabric.

Hope you have enjoyed visiting with me today and seeing a couple of my old family members. By the way the little doll belonged to my God mother Rita. Enjoy the rest of this week.


  1. Love the story of your great grandmother and your aunt! Homemade clothing is so wonderful when someone makes it for you! 30 years old is too young and so tragic to die! Love that sewing machine!

  2. What a wonderful tribute and how fabulous you have her sewing machine, goodness i don't think I could maneuver with one hand!


  3. Hi Lu, What a wonderful post of love and talent. The pics of your Aunt and grandmother are so very special. Yes, they did not live as long back then. So sad. I love the sewing machine. I have one just like it with it's cabinet that was my grandmother. It too still works but I have retired it for display only now. They don't make machines this good anymore either. Everything today is plastic. LOL I hope you have an enjoyable day remembering your great grandma's birthday.

    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. Your encouraging words always lift me up when I am so busy and feel overwhelmed.

    Have a nice evening.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie
    p.s. I'll let you know when the bag arrives. So excited!!!

  4. Oh Lu, what a beautiful story you have of your great grandmother and aunt.

    I DID enjoy this sweet post and the pictures..... a family history is so important!

  5. Hello Lu,
    I am so glad that you called me to come over and visit!
    Because I would not have wanted to miss this post for the world!
    How lovely...
    And Oh my passing on in your 30's?! That mean... if I were to live then... my life was already over...
    The sewing machine such beauty, how lovely that you have it now! I can not imagine doing all the sewing with only my one hand and spinning the wheel with the other.
    Thank God for electricity!

    Love you Lu!

  6. Beautiful post Lu, so sad she passed on so young, I guess pretty normal back in those days, same for my Father's mother. I love all the pic's and the sewing machine, what a wonderful post to walk down memory lane of "days gone by" Hugs and love to you, try and stay cool it should be getting better soon, the weather that is. XOXO Marilou

  7. Hello Lu,
    What a lovey post about your great grandmother!. My mother still has her old Singer sewing machine like the one you showed us.
    Hugs !

  8. Lu,
    How lucky you are to have these wonderfl family photos and that lovely sewing machine!!

    What treasures!


  9. Such a wonderful post my dear. Thank you for sharing your wonderful family portraits. Hugs xx

  10. Thanks for sharing such inspiration and tribute to your aunt and grandmother! WOW that sewing machine sure is special. Its amazing!

    Hope you have a blessed weekend!



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Hugs and smiles...Lu

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